Friday, February 22, 2008

NAFTA Superhighway

This is going to become a big issue so I thought I would share this with you. This is a Massive highway that is being built from Mexico to Canada. The main concern for me is security. With as much fear as we say we have over "terrorism", why do something like this? Our government feels the need to tap our phones and read all of our emails, why be so lax in security on things like this? We will be relying on other contries to do security checks on all cargo that comes into our country. How safe does that sound? One of the articles that I read also said that other countries would own parts of the tolls. I read Spain would own part of the toll in Kansas. How is that fair? Not to mention the jobs that it will take. I heard about this yesterday from dad. I know he's mentioned this before, but I didn't really listen until yesterday. He is in fear of losing his job because of this. Because of this superhighway, they can outsource the trucking jobs to cheaper drivers from other countries. This is such a shame. What's really sad is that the government denied this highway for quite sometime. Only now are they starting to kind of admit to it. I'm not sure where Obama and Clinton stand on this issue, but I would love to know. If anyone does know, drop me a line. Anyway, here are a couple of websites so you can read about it.



dottie said...

lol, um, when i first glanced at this, i thought it said NAMBLA superhighway...which was a TOTALLY different visual...nice bloggety blog, loverly!

Anne said...

I feel for the people that will lose thier land, in order for this super highway to be built! I also hope it doesnt affect your fathers job as well.


Strangeite said...

As most things in life, this issue is not black or white but a muddled shade of gray. First lets get one fact straight. There isn't any plans to build a massive new superhighway that is going to cut a swath through the middle of American and destroy peoples farms. There is a proposal to make improvements to I-35 and I-29 in order to allow more traffic. However, this is not the same as building a brand new superhighway connecting Mexico and Canada.

On the security issue, I think there is reason for concern but I believe that you are putting the cart before the horse. The alliance that people are worried about creating a North American Union is the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. This organization was formed in 2005 by the US, Mexico and Canada, but the goal is to increase security, not decrease it. Right now there is very little to no security on shipments that are coming into the country. This is true not only for trucks but also shipping containers that arrive by sea. The latest estimate that I have seen shows that less than 1/10 of 1% of all imports into our country are searched and inspected. This is a problem.

Now the issue of allowing Mexican and Canadian truckers to haul goods within our border is another matter. This is in fact true and is an aspect of NAFTA that was passed by Clinton. Granted American truckers would be able to go into Mexico and Canada, but we all know what will really happen. Jobs will be shipped out of the country. This is an issue that I do believe should be debated and is infact being debated by Obama and Clinton right now in Ohio. But this provision of NAFTA has no direct correlation to the mythical "SuperHighway" or the more real improvements to I-35 and I-29.

I am not an expert on any of these things, but I hope I cleared up some of the mystery.

Leigh said...

It has been said that it will take up to a "million acres of land" to build this highway. That is very unfortunate, I agree with you on that Anne. I also agree with you Roy, there is a lot of confusion about this project. :) Great topic Nikki!