Friday, June 27, 2008

A few things bothering me.

1. This stupid teen pregnancy pact in Mass. First off if it's true that they did make a pact, I fear for the future of this country. Why out of all the reasons of having a child would you pick, "so we can raise them together"?? That's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. Secondly, it's really pissing me off that everyone is blaming movies for this. They are saying Juno and Knocked Up "glamorized" pregnancy. I'm not sure about Knocked Up. I've only seen it once and I really don't remember it that well. I do know that Juno did not glamorize it. It shows a teen who goes through a tough, difficult decision. It drives me crazy when something bad happens and everyone is so quick to blame music, games, and movies. What happened to personal responsibility? Why can't a parent just admit that maybe they were too busy or not caring enough to notice that their teen is building bombs, buying guns, doing drugs or sneaking out to have sex? I know teens lie and say they are doing one thing when they are really doing another. All it takes is an active interest in your kid's life. Just talk to them. Find out what's going on in their life. If they seem like they have problems and they won't talk to you, take them to someone they will talk to. I'm so tired of parents placing blame on everything else when really they should be looking at themselves. I know I'm not a parent and I know that I really have zero experience on the subject. But I do observe a lot.
Anyway, as far as this pregnancy pact thing goes, I think that maybe abstinence is not the right way to go when teaching kids about sex. I understand why people want it taught, I really do. I know if I had a kid it would kill me to know that she was having sex. But I am also understanding in the fact that it happens. Teens are hormone filled creatures and that's what they wanna do. I get that. So given that, why not teach SAFE sex and give the kids some options. You don't have to hand out condoms and birth control pills at school but any kid should have access to that information if they need/want it. Again, I'm not a parent so maybe I'm wrong and who knows, maybe when I have a kid my views will change. But it seems to me this whole "don't have sex" thing just isn't working. I mean 17 girls in 1 school? That just seems like a high number. I remember a girl or 3 at my high school being pregnant, but 17?? That's just insane. I'm done with this one. It makes my brain hurt...

2. Oil prices. Now I'm not knowledgeable at all on this subject so forgive me but it's still driving me crazy. I don't understand why oil prices are going up. Well, I think it's pure greed but I'm sure there is some more to it than that. It amazes me that even when oil prices fall, gas prices will still go up. That one blows my mind too. I fear for the economy because of this. I've never taken and Econ class so I don't understand most of it. What I really don't get is the whole "speculation" thing. Who are these speculators and why are they doing this?? I hear on NPR that oil prices go up because of the "speculators". Ok that's fine so why don't they just stop!! I don't like having to pay 50 bucks to fill up Loretta. It's just not right. I live on my own so I don't have to worry about supporting anyone but me. I feel so sorry for families right now. I can't imagine the pinch it's caused some people. I know it's not been fun for me. I think between the gas prices and the food prices, our country is in for a bad next few years. I have a feeling that gas prices aren't really going to fall much. I'm sure it will fall maybe 10 cents or so, but I think we are going to be in the upper 3 dollar range from here on out. We have a much too greedy government/big business to drop it any lower than that. Now again, I don't know the first thing about all of this oil crap but I'm a firm believer that greed is behind it. That and those damn "speculators".

That's it for now. Sorry for it being so long, but it's just all been on my mind and I needed to get it out.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Short, but to the point.

I really really really miss Dottie.