Friday, January 25, 2008

Ryan Seacrest Does NOT equal Super Bowl

Ok people Super Bowl 42 is next weekend. I saw a commercial that said Ryan Seacrest is doing the pregame red carpet. I have several issues with this statement. First of all, when I think football I do not think Ryan Seacrest. He needs to stay over on E! where he belongs, away from my beloved football. Second of all, Super Bowl pregame should be about talking about each of the teams and what injuries they have or how they've been playing all season and who they think is gonna win. THERE IS NO RED CARPET FOR SUPER BOWL!!! What are they going to do go up to Tom Brady and say "wow Tom you look fabulous tonight, who are you wearing?" Are you kidding me?? Super Bowl is about FOOTBALL people, not about a stupid red carpet. I can't believe they are doing this. It hurts my feelings. Maybe it's because of the writer's strike and poor little Seacrest has had nothing to do because of no awards shows. But come on, no one will be showing up to this game in a designer gown. If they do, they deserve to be shot. I don't know who's silly idea this is, but they need to be kicked in the knee.


Leigh said...

I am with you Nikki, Ryan Seacrest needs to stay away from football unless they want to actually USE him as the ball. :)

The Pinwheel Princess said...

As far as I'm concerned - there shouldn't even be a half-time show!
I mean come on - it's football and if your stupid little, non-football loving significant other can't deal with it then they need to go to Starbucks and read the Chevy Chaser or something. The Super Bowl is what we wait five months for - the BOO YA of the season. How about during the crowning of the American Idol we throw in a quarter of football.
Take your Red Carpet FLUFF Ryan Seacrest and GET OFF MY FIELD!!!!!

AnnaMarie said...

I think Tonya Harding's body guard is still available if he needs a good crowbar to the knee.