Monday, January 14, 2008


So a friend of mine forwarded me this article this morning. After reading it I couldn't help but to wonder what our future holds. Scientists took a dead heart and seeded it with live heart cells and after a few days it started beating. I've read this article like 3 times just because this amazes me. We could save so many lives and the rejection rate should be so much lower. If you are intrested, take a read.



Mindy said...

Well if you really want to hear something that will spin your noodle check this out. At Clemson University they are printing heart valves. They have taken inkjet printers and replaced the ink with cells and have succesfully created heart valves that acutally open and close. They are still in the testing phase - not ready for human trials, but they say that this could lead to custom creating organs for transplants using the patients own cells so they do not reject... amazing!

Nikki said...

Oh I heard about that! I could not believe that they could actually print something like that. Science amazes me daily.