Friday, January 11, 2008


Every year it's the same thing. Someone wants me to me to buy something to support their kids crap. Well, my coworker brings in a girl scout cookie form this morning. Now, I have to say, I can be good and say no to a lot of things. I haven't had Ben and Jerry's in my freezer for months now. I can't say no to girl scout cookies. No matter how hard I try I just keep telling myself, "one box won't hurt". But then how on EARTH am I suppose to decide between all of those and pick just one??? It's just not going to happen. I LOVE the caramel delights. To me, they are like crack. I just can't stop eating them. I will hunt those girls down at grocery stores to buy just one more box. Thin Mints are just the same, but they have to be frozen. I also love the shortbread because I dip them in hot chocolate. MMM, they are amazing. And then I see this new kind called "Thank yous" or some crap like that. Shortbread with the bottoms dipped in chocolate. Sounds like a winner to me! So yeah, this year I ordered 4 boxes. I hate those stupid girl scouts and their crack disguised and cookies...



Nikki said...

that should be disguised AS crack. Sheesh, never blog before the coffee.