Friday, March 28, 2008

To all the women out there

This is just a little note to all the women out there. I know it's starting to get nice outside and the urge to wear flip flops and sandals is hitting hard. Please, for the love of toast, make your feet pretty. I know we are coming out of winter and most of us don't have out "summer feet" yet. But if you don't, spare us all and don't wear flip flops. I bring this up only because I was in class the other day and a girl came in wearing flip flops. And I probably wouldn't have even noticed but she had a tattoo that cover almost the entire top portion of her foot-so I looked. There they were, all cracked, dried and unpainted. Her feet were gross. Ladies, people look at your feet in flip flops. Please keep them pretty. :)


Anne and Leigh said...

HAHAH you are so right. Have to hav the feet pretty for the summer!


AnnaMarie said...

Do I have to paint them? Is it okay if I keep my toenails their natural hue, as long as they're well taken care of? My feet just look so dressed up when they're painted!

Nikki said...

oh no, naked toes are ok, but craked gross feet are just gross. I had a girl in my anatomy class whose feet were disgusting. That's all I could focus on. That's what inspired this blog. :)