Monday, November 3, 2008

Boys and their toys

This weekend dad came into town to pick up his new motorcycle. God was he excited. It was like he was waiting on Santa. He called me Friday night and said he was on his way in and he couldn't wait. I went after work to sign his paper work for him. When he got here he had all of his information waiting on him. Wow was he in heaven.

Sat. I had a hair appointment so I left Keith and dad to go pick up the bike. I called them when I was done and they were still over at Harley. They had forgotten to add his new grips so he had been waiting on those. I drove over there all nervous like a mother almost. When I got there he was signing the rest of his paper work so he could get on the road! He put on his helmet and his leather jacket and sat on the bike. My stomach just sank. All I could think about was well, we are pretty close to a hospital. If he breaks an arm or leg, at least he is here and I can take care of him. So he says " should I drive around the parking lot first?" Keith looks at him and says "it's been over 30 years, I think that's a great idea" He starts the bike and gets comfortable. He slowly takes off and starts to wobble a bit. I had to turn around. He took off around the building and after a minute he returned. I felt better. Keith, his dad Darry, and my dad took off for Georgetown for a nice ride. I stayed home and cleaned for the party I was having later. I can't tell you how nervous I was the whole time they were gone. I was really hoping my phone wouldn't ring. I knew if I didn't get any calls, everything was ok.

When they got home all dad could do was smile. He had so much fun. They went on a ride yesterday too. I haven't seen him this happy in a long time.


Leigh said...

AWWWW, it sounds like your dad had a GREAT weekend!!

Anne and Leigh said...

That is so wonderful! I know you had to be a nervous wreck, but seeing that smile on your dad's face had to ease the worry!