Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The lake

So this past weekend I went to Laurel Lake. It was amazing. Let me first start by saying I'm an idiot and forgot 2 important things. First, I didn't bring a camera. I'm so bummed about that too because I saw many beautiful things. Second, I forgot good shoes.
We left Thursday night to head down there. We got there and got the boat and loaded our stuff up and found a place to camp. This is where I realized flip flops are not so good. We camped off the lake so what we did was pull the boat up to the edge, tie it off and climb the rocky side to get to our camp site. All very great and whatnot but again, flip flops were not the ideal footwear. The next day we got up and visited Keith's cousins Keith and Sheryl on their house boat. This thing is fantastic. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a great kitchen area. I'm pretty sure I could live on this thing comfortably. After that we decided it was going to be a gross day so we went into town. We went to this cute little place called "Dog Patch Trading Post". Had a great time looking around until I made the biggest mess EVER. I was looking at lotions and decided to open it and smell it. Upon doing so, I managed to spill ALL OF IT on the ground, on my feet, and on my clothes. Luckily the nice lady behind the counter just laughed until she was crying. She thanked me and said that was the best laugh she's had in a long time. I'm so glad she was so great about it. Let me just tell you, that lotion was damn near impossible to clean up off the floor. So after that we decided we wanted to go to TN for fireworks. Man was that place awesome. They had some great looking things. Lots of expensive ones too but my inner child was screaming with joy. For as long as I can remember I've loved fireworks. So after that we went back to the lake and Keith cooked us dinner on the camp stove and we went to bed.
Sat. morning we woke up and Keith made us breakfast. As we were standing there, I heard this noise in the woods. We started looking and it was otters!! They ran right by us caring a fish in their mouth. It was the cutest thing ever!! After our fun breakfast we went to pick up his parents and sister. It wasn't that great of a day so we decided to go to the flea market. WOW was that place HUGE! Not only that but I got to see a fantastic display of mullets too!
Sunday was perfect weather. We all went out on the boat and went to a little cove. We got on rafts and tied ourselves to the boat and just relaxed. With the waves rocking you back and forth, you could sleep for days out there. So after a few hours of laying in the sun relaxing, it was time to go home. The interstate was crazy so we took back roads the whole way. It was nice. I'm very much looking forward to this trip again soon!


beinmyOWNself said...

yay for fun lakes!

Anne and Leigh said...

HAHA Okay the lotion deal, that was hilarious, and I would have loved to have seen the otters! I love the water, it is the one thing Lexington is missing.


Leigh said...

AWW, what a fantastic weekend!! You should be scolded for not remembering your camera. Bad Nikki, Bad Nikki!!!



Nikki said...

Anne, I totally agree. If we had a lake here in Lex, it would be the best!!
And Leigh, I was soo mad at myself when I saw those otters and didn't have my camera. I had the best opportunity to take a pic. They would stop and look before they crossed the gravel path.